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TTT: Take a photography class

My travel tip for you this Tuesday: if you’re going on a trip of a lifetime (in my opinion all trips are trips of a lifetime, but that’s another topic) and you love capturing your memories in photographs, you should absolutely consider taking a photography class.  Last night I took the last of my basic DSLR photography classes at Wake Tech.  I learned a lot about photography and even some about Photoshop.

For the last class, we were each supposed to bring in 24 pictures that we’ve taken, preferably while we were in the class but we could bring in older pics since we didn’t get to do the field trips due to cold weather.  I was really proud of my pictures, and I’d like to share a few this you.

Here’s the Sri Venkateswara Temple (Cary, North Carolina) – first with polarizing filter, then using silly fish eye adapter:

Here are some moon pictures taken in Morrisville using various white balance settings to make it more interesting: (more…)

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News: Free WiFi with coupon codes

Use these codes for free WiFi on the three U.S. airlines using GoGo’s service

  • American Airlines: AATRYGOGO

Check out these links for more coupon codes:

Gogo Inflight Free WiFi Coupon Codes [My Money Blog via Gizmodo]
Free Gogo Internet. Pass It On [FlyerTalk Forums]

Hope your holiday flights go smoothly and without delay!

Source: LifeHacker

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TTT: Know your camera reset button

This Thursday, I have to share with you a very very important lesson – please PLEASE! figure out how to reset your camera to factory settings if you ever let your friends mess with your camera settings.  Sadly, I learned this lesson the hard way.

My story:  This summer, a couple different friends of mine took pictures with my DSLR.  They like to play with the settings, so they did so.  In September, I happily set off to see and photograph Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Gydnia/Malbork Castle, and Oslo.  I carefully took thousands of photos, expecting them to look as nice as the ones I took on our trip to Europe in May.  When I returned home, I eagerly checked out my pictures… and cried.  They’re all blurry!  Then I looked up how to reset my camera and went on to take some nice pictures on my JetBlue trip.

Oh, and no, I don’t blame my friends.  I can’t; it’s not their fault I don’t know how to properly use my own camera.  I just hope this tip saves you from making the same mistake.  No, I can’t post my blurry pics; they still make me cry.

TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday/Thursday

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TTT: Fly JetBlue

As my regular readers are aware, I returned just one week ago from using my All You Can Jet pass on JetBlue.  I flew 12 legs (more flights than that – probably close to 20) over the course of 23 days.  I think I’m now a pretty good authority on flying JetBlue.  Of all these flights, I received excellent service on all but one flight.  All but one of the flights were either on time or early, and the pilot on the one that was late called ahead to make sure those of us on another flight would make the connection.  So their record on my watch is far superior to any other airline I’ve flown more than a couple times.  Why else is JetBlue a great choice?

  • There’s more leg room – really.  It’s noticeably more than the other carriers.
  • The leather seats are actually comfortable.  The head portion doesn’t make your head jut forward, and the upright position isn’t actually leaning forward.
  • The DirectTV at each seat is sooo nice.  I caught lots of shows I normally watch; I just wish they had ABC.
  • The snacks, which are unlimited, are actually pretty good.  My favorites are the Doritos Munchies Mix and Chocobillys chocolate chunk cookies.
  • Your first checked bag is free, which is definitely not standard these days.

I swear they are not paying me to post this – I really am a fan.  If the price is comparable and the route is tolerable (the second part i’s kind of a big if since I can get direct flights to lots of places JetBlue flies that I visit so I wouldn’t have to go through JFK like flying JetBlue requires), I’ll be jetting with JetBlue.  I recommend you do the same.

TTT: Travel Tip Thursday (Yes, I usually post my tips on Tuesday, but I’m still recovering from my trip!)

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TTT: Please yourself

Traveling is like art in that it’s important to please yourself.  You shouldn’t spend 20 minutes staring at the Mona Lisa if you’d rather spend that time seeing little known works by Monet.  Who cares if the Mona Lisa is more well respected?  It’s better to really enjoy your time than spend it on things you’re “supposed” to see.  If you prefer Europe to Hawaii, then, for Heaven’s sake, please go to Europe!  And don’t be ashamed if snorkeling in the Bahamas is more your speed than strolling the galleries at the Louvre; that’s completely acceptable.  The reason the world is so interesting is because people have different interests, and you shouldn’t force yourself into spending your precious vacation time (and money!) on anything less than exactly what you want to do.  Unless, of course, it’s what your wife wants to do.  😉  Happy travels!

TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday

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TTT: Talk to Strangers

Growing up, our parents told us not to talk to strangers.  Well, I’m recommending that you throw that rule out the window, especially when you travel.  The more you talk to folks, the more you’ll learn and experience.  Plus sometimes strangers will help you out.  For example, while I was at JFK yesterday morning, a JetBlue pilot gave me a cough drop.  Isn’t that sweet?

TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday

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TTT: Watch the news

My travel tip this Tuesday is that you should keep up with what’s going on in the world whether you’re planning a trip in the near future or even thinking about traveling.  If you’d been planning to visit Mexico in early May this year, like we were, you’d have been horrified to fly into Cancun to visit Mayan ruins only to find out that they were closed and people were freaking out about dying from the swine flu.  If you had the time and resources to use a JetBlue AllYouCanFly pass but didn’t hear about it until they were sold out, you’d really regret the missed opportunity.  So if you like to travel, take the time to keep up with what’s going on.  That said, don’t watch too much news or you’ll freak yourself out.  I know I became obsessed with the reports of swine flu a few months ago.


TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday

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