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Alice’s 3rd Disney World Trip

We cannot get enough of Disney World!  We had a great opportunity to visit in May with Jason’s parents.  It was super fun getting to “camp out” at Fort Wilderness.  Check out Alice’s book here.


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Alice Goes to Peru & Bolivia

Normal people take their families with small children to places that are easy for little kids – easy to get to and easy to enjoy with small ones.  Well…  maybe we’re not so normal.  I got the bright idea that we should go to Peru and Bolivia with our little one and my mom.  After all, none of us are getting any younger!  Check out the book here.

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Alice’s Disney Birthday

For Alice’s 3rd birthday, I surprised her with a trip to Disney World!  I told her we were going to go on a trip to hang out with our friend Laura.  I just didn’t tell her exactly where we were going.  She was pretty excited once we finally told her, and we had a terrific trip.  Check out the book here.

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TTT: Take a photography class

My travel tip for you this Tuesday: if you’re going on a trip of a lifetime (in my opinion all trips are trips of a lifetime, but that’s another topic) and you love capturing your memories in photographs, you should absolutely consider taking a photography class.  Last night I took the last of my basic DSLR photography classes at Wake Tech.  I learned a lot about photography and even some about Photoshop.

For the last class, we were each supposed to bring in 24 pictures that we’ve taken, preferably while we were in the class but we could bring in older pics since we didn’t get to do the field trips due to cold weather.  I was really proud of my pictures, and I’d like to share a few this you.

Here’s the Sri Venkateswara Temple (Cary, North Carolina) – first with polarizing filter, then using silly fish eye adapter:

Here are some moon pictures taken in Morrisville using various white balance settings to make it more interesting: (more…)

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Destination: Venice

Venice was a dream.  Have you been?  If not, put it on your list and start working towards it.  If so, are you longing to go back?  Although it was rainy and chilly for our visit, I loved it.  It was just beautiful.  The water looked as fake as I expected.



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Cute! What happens when you leave a camera on the loose

Check out this cute story on Smitten, a blog via Glamour.  The short story is that someone left a couple disposable cameras on benches in NYC, each with a note asking people to take pictures.  A couple of the results:

I’d love to do this in the Triangle, but I have no idea where I could plant cameras that people would actually find them… Maybe on or near college campuses.  Hm…

Images from Smitten at Glamour.

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TTT: Posing for pictures on your next vacay

This Travel Tip Tuesday marks my 300th post, so I want to make it special.  One of the most important things to me is looking my best in your travel pics.  I’ve read lots of articles and blog posts online, and here are a few tips that I like:

  1. Know thyself!  Know how to smile the right amount or what your best funny face is.  Know if you have a good side (yeah, some people do).
  2. Avoid facing the camera straight on (unless you know for a fact you look better that way, but that’s pretty darned rare).  This trick is usually slimming.  Don’t angle yourself too much; you don’t want to make your neck all wrinkled.
  3. Don’t hold your breath – you might look weird.
  4. Hold in your stomach – don’t suck it in, just flex it.
  5. Use good posture.
  6. Make sure both arms aren’t straight.  Also, make sure you don’t smash your biceps against your body.  These tricks are also good for legs, especially when sitting.
  7. Rest most of your weight on one foot.  It’s slimming.
  8. Don’t tuck your chin in and give yourself an extra chin.
  9. Ask the photographer to take multiple shots.  Then you have a better chance at getting one you like.
  10. Try to be as comfortable as possible.

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