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Alice’s first birthday – 3 of 4

Time for some family pics!  We really enjoy working with Rebecca from Red Bridge Photography, and she got some excellent shots that day.

Also – how cute is her dress?  I sewed it without a pattern since I couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted.  Made some mistakes, but they’re not visible in pictures.  Whew.




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Alice’s first birthday – 2 of 4

You’ve seen the outside of the house – now check out what I did inside.

For the mantle, I ordered a $5 2’x3′ engineer print from Staples and attached that to a piece of foam board ($5 Staples).  I loved how it turned out, and so did Alice.  I added a few other framed photos of her too.

I also made a photo garland.  Alice was born on February 17, and I took a photo of her each month on the 17th (still do, actually).  I printed out one from each month along with a newborn photo taken at one week, gave it a paper mat, and strung them all together.  I added a hot air balloon ornament on either end to coordinate with the ornaments dangling from the pussy willow branches in the vase on the mantle.

I also printed out a bunch of photos from the year and put them under plexiglass on our coffee table.  Alice loves to look at those too.  (Yes, I know the table scrunchy looks awful, but the corners of that table are too sharp for a clumsy baby to be around.)



Image Image

For the center of the dining room table, I made a balloon topiary to match the balloon wreath on the front door.  We also had guest signature art.  My mom painted a picture of a baby girl in a pink dress with lots of balloons, and the guests signed the balloons.  We’ll frame it for Alice’s play room and, when she’s tired of it, it’ll fit into a scrapbook so she’ll always have it.

In the foyer, I attached a bunch of enormous balloons to a basket, reminiscent of a hot air balloon.  Alice was supposed to sit all cutely in the basket for some pictures, but she had other ideas.

Image Image

Now on to my favorite part – the dessert table.  I sewed name bunting from scraps from her baby quilt and hung that against a piece of foam board I covered with aqua cloth.  We hung a couple of model hot air balloons from the ceiling – I just love them, and we’ll be hanging those in her play room soon.  The cake was super cute – an orange cat in the basket of a hot air balloon.  And my mom made hot air balloon shaped cookies, and we had hot air balloon shaped cake pops.  I had some little suitcases, a couple of art books, and a small Eiffel Tower model to complete the travel look.  Oh – and, just for fun, I stitched up a table runner and wrote her monogram on it.

Image Image


Last, but not least – the high chair and smash cake.  I got an old wooden high chair for super cheap off of Craigslist, painted it, dangled some pompom trim on it, and made a goofy name banner.

Image Image

Photos: Red Bridge Photography

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Alice’s 1st bday – 1 of 4

We had SUCH a blast at Alice’s 1st birthday party.  And I had a great time planning and executing it!

Some people gripe about “over the top” children’s birthday parties.  You know what?  Maybe having a theme with lots of special touches and a food truck counts as over the top, but whatever – this was a celebration of so many things.  This was about Alice’s birthday, us surviving pregnancy and then a year of parenthood, our marriage surviving pregnancy and a year of parenthood, and our family and friends making it through those things with us.  If those aren’t good enough reasons to celebrate, I don’t know what would be.  And planning is TOTALLY my favorite hobby.  Why shouldn’t I take the opportunity to indulge in it?  I think everyone had a good time – I know I did!

First up, the fabulous vendors:

Red Bridge did our Christmas photos, and OnlyBurger’s brick and mortar location was the first place we took Alice other than the doctor’s office.  Both are very special to us!  Now Edible Art and the Cake Pop Shop are special to us too.  Both provided excellent products at a very reasonable price.

Now!  On to the pictures! First up, let’s set the stage.  The theme was hot air balloons, and here’s what the invite looked like:

This post focuses on what was going on outside.  The front porch featured tissue paper hot air balloons, rainbow bunting, and a DIY balloon wreath.  Then, of course, there were balloons on the mailbox and the OnlyBurger truck.

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