JetBlue #AYCJ: Days 21-23.3 – Portland/Freeport/Bangor, Maine

October 9, 2009 at 8:13 pm 1 comment

My red-eye from Salt Lake to JFK was MISERABLE!  There were two babies kicking me the whole time – one sprawling on her mom’s lap (and onto mine) in the seat next to me and one behind me.  ACK!!!  I know the moms were doing the best they could; it’s just that 1.5 people don’t fit very well into even JetBlue’s relatively spacious seats.  I tried to catch a nap in my secret spot in T5, but a shrieking mom parked nearby.  Ack again!  No, the kid wasn’t misbehaving.  The mom just doesn’t know how to speak at a normal volume.  There were a couple empty rows on my flight to Portland, ME, and the kind flight attendant said it was fine for me to hop into one of them.  I ended up sharing it with a nice man who, fortunately, didn’t mind that I curled up on 2 seats for a nap.  He was so cute – he scooted into the middle seat as we were descending so we could both admire the fall colors below.

My friend M and her hubs, P, picked me up at the Portland, ME airport.  We stopped at the Portland Lighthouse at Fort Williams Park and did a driving tour of Portland.  Which pic of the lighthouse do you like best?  (I prefer the first; my husband prefers the second.)

Next up – Freeport.  We saw the 50′ tall Indian, which is affectionately referred to as BFI, which stands for either Big Freeport Indian or Big F***ing Indian.  *snort*  Then we had a nice lunch at Gritty McDuff’s, Freeport’s Original Brewpub.  I got a pizza made with their homemade beer dough – yum.  The beer wasn’t bad either.  Then we headed across the street to Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections for brownies.  I got the Need Him, which had Needham frosting.  Needham frosting is a Maine thing, coconut, potato, vanilla, and plenty of sugar, so I felt I *had* to try it.  It was so yummy!!!  If my husband liked coconut stuff, I’d totally make this frosting for brownies myself.

Next up – L.L. Bean.  My parents, being typical Ashevillians, and my dad having grown up in a barn (okay, on a farm), have been big L.L. Bean fans for as long as I could remember.  So it was cool to visit the store.  I especially liked hearing about the archery range.  Too bad the fish tank was closed.  But we did get pictures with the giant boot.

Finally – Bangor.  We saw the huuuuge Paul Bunyon and then drove over to Stephen King’s house.  His house is wai cute.  I especially liked the gate.  Then it was on to M&P’s for crockpot ribs and mashed potatoes for dinner – yay!  I love mashed potatoes and ribs.  We chatted, looked at horses and dogs online (M totally wants both), and headed to bed.

I slept pretty late on Wednesday – M&P’s guest bed was soooo comfy.  Then M made yummy waffles for us.  Of course, I got to have real maple syrup since I was in Maine.  Awesome.  Since it was raining, I didn’t want to ask my friend to drive me all the way to Bar Harbor and the Acadia National Park – just too much of a pain with that kind of weather.  So we went out to Sea Dog for lunch (I enjoyed the beer sampler, which I highly recommend, and the nachos; service was kinda bad though), got treats at Frank’s Bake Shop (I got a cupcake and pumpkin cookie, which were both great), and then watched Seven Pounds, which was really good (if you liked Pursuit of Happyness, you’ll like this one; if you didn’t (I didn’t), you still might like this one).

Wednesday evening, M and I headed over to our friend J’s place.  I got to meet her (she’s an online friend), her husband, and her two incredibly adorable kidlets.  We also got to eat her cooking – yum!  Soup, pancakes, and mini apple crumbles.  Oh!  And blueberry beer from Sea Dog, which I like.  The kids are way cute, yes?

M and I had to get up relatively early on Thursday so I could make it to the airport on time.  We had a good time chatting on the drive in, and I snagged a donut from Tim Hortons while she got gas.  I’m glad I finally got to try one since I’ve heard about the place for ages.  I got a chocolate covered one – seemed like the best way to try it.  It was very fresh, but…  I’m a Krispy Kreme girl.  It was definitely superior to Dunkin Donuts in my opinion, but it couldn’t touch the sweet, airiness of a Krispy Kreme donut.

I got to the airport in plenty of time.  Finally on my way home!

The budget:
10/6: $20 lunch + $3.21 brownie + $.64 cards = $23.85
10/7: $27 lunch + $1.80 cupcake & cookie = $28.80
10/8: $.91
Totals: For Maine, $53.56; total, $449.12; $19.28/day.


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  • 1. Michelle  |  October 9, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    yay! I got a good review!!


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