JetBlue #AYCJ: Day 20 – Salt Lake City

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I arrived in Salt Lake City at about 10:30p Sunday, October 4, day 19.  I was so scared I wasn’t going to make it on that flight.  My flight from Las Vegas to Long Beach was delayed a bit due to the strong headwinds the pilots encountered on the way there from JFK, and I only had a 31 minute layover to begin with.  There were several of us on the Vegas flight heading for the SLC flight, so I think that helped.  The flight attendant was super nice keeping us apprised of what she’d heard from the pilots about the timing.  As we were taxiing in Long Beach, the pilot came over the intercom and asked everyone not on the SLC flight to remain seated until we’d all gotten out of the way since our connection was so tight.  Then almost everyone did!  There was one guy who pushed into me, trying to get ahead of me.  Since he hadn’t hopped right up, I knew he wasn’t on the SLC flight.  So I hip checked him right back into his row.  He tried again after me, and the flight attendant made him sit back down.  Way to go!  Anyway, we made the flight.  I guess they were running about 15 minutes late too, so we rolled right into line.  Both flights were uneventful except that I chatted with a super nice couple returning from a Carnival cruise on the second flight.

My friend G picked me up at the airport and drove me to her place near Park City.  She and her husband dragged out some beer, and we got to chatting.  Whew boy, G and I stayed up until 3am!  Geez!  Good times.

Got up in the morning, had a yummy breakfast (who knew the secret to delicious bacon was to bake it in the oven??), and then we headed for Park City.  So, there’s this pass, Guardsman Pass, and it’s pretty up there and there’s a nice view.  During the winter, it’s for snowmobiles only.  Okay, well, it’s supposed to be for snowmobiles only.  More on that in a minute.  So, the pass was open, and it looked like there was just a little snow on the road.  We started heading up, but then we saw some cars stopped a little way up, so we were thinking maybe we should turn around.  And then we slipped a little.  G started to back down, and we slipped some more!  Ack!  We sat there for a couple minutes, trying to figure out what to do.  Luckily a police officer crept by and said there was a plow coming with salt/sand in just a couple minutes.  G then backed us down without a problem.

We gave up on the pass and poked around Park City.  We checked out the cute art galleries and shops and then met G’s husband for drinks at No Name Saloon & Grill.  We people watched and admired the heated bench outside, which is a great spot for watching for stars during Sundance.  No Name apparently has great buffalo burgers, but we were too full from our late breakfast to eat. So…

Off we went to the Great Salt Lake.  We headed for Saltair, parked, and started walking towards the water.  It seemed like a mirage!  We felt like we’d walked for ages and the lake wasn’t any closer.  So, the place stank to high Heaven.  There were bird carcasses all over the place, and these weird salt puddles.  We finally made it out to the water.  It was surprisingly warm.

We headed back into Salt Lake City for a late lunch/early dinner at Squatters, a brewpub.  It’s a fun place – there was even activity when we were there at 3:30 in the afternoon!  We started off with some great sweet potato fries and beer.  I got the sampler to start, which came on this cute little ski.  Then we ordered entrees.  G’s husband got the chicken curry, which was pretty good.  G liked her pizza, and I liked my black and bleu burger.

Then we headed over to Temple Square.  We got a tour, and it was really neat.  The outside of the Temple is amazing.  We really dug the acoustics demonstration in the tabernacle; everyone should make sure to catch that.  We also thought the North Visitors’ Center, with the giant Jesus sculpture and pretty mural was neat.

We thought it’d be fun to go to the Tavernacle since we’d been to the tabernacle, but it didn’t open to 8pm and it was only 7:20pm.  So… we headed to a bar on Main Street.  We chatted and drank there until, gosh, about 10:30ish.  Wow.  Then they took me to the airport so I could catch a red-eye to JFK.

Edited to add….

The budget:
10/5: $.98 postcards.  Yep, my friends totally treated me.  Aren’t they insane?  I love them!
Total: $395.56 for 20 days – $19.78/day.


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