JetBlue #AYCJ: Days 13.5-15.5 – Seattle

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I landed in Seattle at about 3p on Monday, September 28, day 13 of the trip. I hopped on the bus and took it in to town. I was so excited to see the skyline! I hopped out at University Street, met my friend, and took a different bus to her place. Her place is so great – right on the bus route and just 2 miles from EVERYTHING. Way cool. So, she made this fancy dinner – chicken with peach chutney, rice, and green beans. Then she made this awesome baked pear for dessert. We just spent the evening chatting and enjoying some wine.

On Tuesday morning, I took the bus from my friend’s place to the Space Needle.  I would’ve gone up, but the view was no good so it wasn’t worth it to go.  After taking a bunch of pictures, I strolled around town, popping in cute little shops on the way to Pike Place Market.

The Market is so cool!  I *hate* fish – the smell of it makes me nauseous.  So smelling all the fish at the market was rough, but the rest of the place made up for it.  I loved seeing the flowers, hearing the musicians, and enjoying the smells of the bakeries and donut stands.  I got a taste of some cheese at Beecher’s.  Then I headed to Pan Africa Market for an amazing lunch – my first taste of Ethiopian food.  I had the doro alicha, chicken in yellow curry served with injera.

After lunch, I wandered some more and then headed to Pioneer Square to go on the Underground Tour.  The tour was so fun!  We went down underground to see what used to be the first floors of a few buildings and heard tons of history and even more bad jokes.  I’d highly recommend the tour for anyone, and I’d also recommend going after a few beers because it’d be even more fun then.  (But don’t have too many beers – the floors are uneven.)  Afterwards, I puttered around the market area again, picking up a beer at a cool grocery store and a yummy pumpkin cookie from Cinnamon Works.  Then I headed back to my friend’s place, and we went over to our other friend’s place for a great Mexican dinner.  It was great to hang out and giggle at my friend’s dog.

As if my first day in Seattle weren’t exciting enough, I had another fun filled day on Wednesday!  My blonde friend took the day off from work to show me around.  First we went to breakfast in Fremont at Silence-Heart-Nest.  I had an incredible vanilla waffle and sweet potato biscuit.  The biscuit was so good that I asked for the recipe (didn’t get it though).  We checked out the sights of Fremont – the sculpture of people that they dress up all the time, the troll under the bridge, and the statue of Lenin.  We also spotted a bar with a super cool name – 9 Million in Unmarked Bills.

Then we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park, which was really cool.  We walked along the water to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.  It was totally creepy!  They have mummies and a two faced cat and lots of dead animals.

Since I love to look at houses, my friend drove me around the neighborhood surrounding the Washington Park Arboretum.  There are some cool houses around there.  Then it was time to indulge!  We first hit Cupcake Royale.  We got a lemon cupcake and a huckleberry cupcake, and they were soooo good!  This is exactly my style of cupcakes – insanely sweet.  We tried to go to Hot Dog on a Stick at West Lakes Mall, but it was closed.  I was sad, but the real reason for our stop was so I could get a couple treats from Dilettante, a gourmet chocolate shop recommended by a friend.  I had a praline truffle and a maple buttercreme.  They were good, but they’re more like super upscale Russel Stover.  They couldn’t hold a candle to Chocolate Fetish in Asheville (honestly, I haven’t found anything yet that can).  After way too many sweet carbs, my friend dropped me off at the airport.  I was so sad to say goodbye – to Seattle and to my Seattle friends.


The Budget:
9-28 $2.50 bus 
9-29 $1.75 bus + $10.31 lunch + $2.57 cards + $12 Underground Tour + $4.25 cookie + $2.12 beer + $2 bus = $35
9-30 $5.78 cupcakes + $2.80 chocolates + $.80 parking = $9.38 (My too sweet friend bought my yummy breakfast.)
Total: $285.60 for 15.5 days.  $18.43/day!  Thanks, friends!


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