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JetBlue #AYCJ: Day 9 – Houston

I finally arrived in Houston about 11pm on Wednesday, September 23.  My friend C picked me up and took me to her house, where I had a great night’s sleep.  I *finally* rolled out of bed at, like, 10am the next morning.  I had a yummy cinnamon roll C had made for breakfast, and we spent the rest of the morning chatting and playing with her adorable little girl.  After some good baked spaghetti for lunch (I really ought to make that sometime; it’s great for leftovers), we headed into Houston.

We spent a nice couple of hours at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  I thought it was great.  It’s not the walk through an art appreciation book like Chicago’s Art Institute, but it’s definitely a nice collection.  I enjoyed getting to see some pieces I hadn’t seen before by artists I love (Monet, Matisse, Caillebotte, Degas, etc.).  One of my favorite things was an animation called “City Glow” by Chiho Aoshima.  It’s an animated panoramic video.  It’s 7 minutes long and definitely worth the time.


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TTT: Please yourself

Traveling is like art in that it’s important to please yourself.  You shouldn’t spend 20 minutes staring at the Mona Lisa if you’d rather spend that time seeing little known works by Monet.  Who cares if the Mona Lisa is more well respected?  It’s better to really enjoy your time than spend it on things you’re “supposed” to see.  If you prefer Europe to Hawaii, then, for Heaven’s sake, please go to Europe!  And don’t be ashamed if snorkeling in the Bahamas is more your speed than strolling the galleries at the Louvre; that’s completely acceptable.  The reason the world is so interesting is because people have different interests, and you shouldn’t force yourself into spending your precious vacation time (and money!) on anything less than exactly what you want to do.  Unless, of course, it’s what your wife wants to do.  😉  Happy travels!

TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday

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