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Baltic Cruise Preview

Mosey on over to Elizabeth Anne Designs Living for a preview of our recent Baltic cruise.  My friend “Elizabeth” posted a few pics from the trip, one of which is below.  I hope to find some time to post some info for y’all soon.  I learned soooo much in researching and planning this trip, and I’d love to share it so that the time I spent might benefit someone else.

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JetBlue #AYCJ: Day two – Washington, DC

Sonadora lives a bit outside DC but works right in town.  Her husband dropped us off near her office, and she pointed the way towards a nearby Barnes and Noble so I could get online to post yesterday’s report and poke around online.  That’s exactly what I did… except that I got distracted along the way.  I saw the IRS building, the EPA building, the Old Post Office, and the Capitol Building.  I spotted a green space, which turned out to be Freedom Plaza.  Neat!  I’m totally enamoured with DC.  I love the serious, stately architecture and all the monuments.  It makes me feel very patriotic.

I made my first purchase of the trip at B&N – $2.15 for an orange juice for my breakfast.  I had one of my breakfast bars to keep it cheap even though I really wanted a pretty pastry.  I messed around on their free WiFi for a bit, and then I moseyed over to my law school friend’s office.  I got to walk by the White House, which is always fun.  They were actually closing down the fence line right after I took a couple snaps.


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