Dinner and fro yo in La Jolla – Roppongi and Dolci Mango

September 16, 2009 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment

BFF looooves sushi – like, ridiculous amounts.  So she picked Roppongi for her birthday.  The owner of Roppongi also owns Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, which BFF also loves (I haven’t been to one yet).  Apparently Roppongi is an excellent place to go for sushi – BFF, her husband, and a couple friends all loved their sushi.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do seafood.  So… I tried the Kobe beef sliders.  There were two problems with my enjoyment of the sliders – first, the smell of fish totally turns my stomach and kills my appetite.  It happened there, though the smell really isn’t as bad as a lot of sushi/seafood places.  Second, I asked them to leave off the fried shallots since I hate onions.  The waiter asked if it was just a preference or an allergy, and I said it’s a preference but to tell the chef it was an allergy so he wouldn’t be mad.  Well… I guess he didn’t do that because the chef made sure to put lots of crunchy onions on each one of the sliders.  Yuck.  Since everyone else was very happy with their meals and experience, I’d recommend this place to those who love sushi but advise those who don’t care for fish to skip it.

We strolled over to Dolci Mango for dessert.  Did you catch that?  That’s the THIRD fro yo place of the weekend – really just a day and a half.  We chose this one over the other 15 fro yo shops (only a slight exaggeration) in La Jolla because of a review we found on Yelp by Hiram E.:

To the other reviewers: Its a g**damn yogurt shop, chill out. Oh yeah AND yogurt does melt…and is suppose to be soft and mushy …retards. Walk your fat asses to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Other then that…
Its open until 10 which is cool for La Jolla. Its inexpensive. The Franchise owner is cool, smiley, and super asian. Sandwiches are better then the flavorless subway sandwiches and are also inexpensive. The yogurt tastes like any other damn yogurt. Its a cool place.

Even though it’s a bit offensive, we laughed so much over this review that we just had to go there.  And it turns out that he was completely correct.  It is a yogurt shop like any other – same kinds of flavors, same kind of toppings – actually a lot more toppings than the other two places we’d been.  It wasn’t quite as high quality, but it was a lot cheaper and still good.  And yeah, the owner really is “cool, smiley, and super asian.”  We enjoyed him.


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