TTT: Extras to pack on your next cruise

September 1, 2009 at 2:24 pm 3 comments

 If you’re going on a cruise and have some extra luggage space once you’ve packed all those clothes and shoes, here are some other items you might consider including:

-Clothespins – for drying laundry on the line in the shower or to weigh down that overly affectionate shower curtain

-Power strip – one outlet is not enough for me since I usually need to charge more than one thing as well as the…

-Alarm clock – the cabins just don’t have them, and I really like to know what time it is in the middle of the night without having to pick up my iPhone

-Itch cream – you never know when a pesky bug bite is going to drive you crazy

-Water bottle – it’s so much cheaper to carry a water bottle around full of ship water instead of buying water everywhere

-Seasickness meds – obviously this isn’t necessary on every cruise or even for every person, but some people REALLY need these

-A general mini first aid type kit – pain meds, stomach meds, bandages, Neosporin, aloe gel, sunscreen

-An extra, empty bag for souvenirs

-Wine carriers if you plan to buy wine

-Something to make carrying your ship card easier (lanyard, wrist coil, etc.)

-Ziploc baggies – these can come in handy for all sorts of stuff, including carrying a cookie into port in case you get desperate

-Mini sewing kit – it would be awful for an important button to fall off and for you to be unable to fix it.

-Highlighter for the daily newsletters

-Mini Woolite for handwashing swimsuits, underwear, etc.

-Small umbrella because you never know when it’s going to rain

-Flashlight because you never know if the power on the ship will go out for a bit and you won’t be able to find your way out of your cabin and in to a public area

– Over the door organizer for your toiletries – though I’d skip this unless there are more than 2 people in the cabin or the people have a huge amount of toiletries

Are there any extras you like to take?  I know some people like duct tape.

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  • 1. b1-66er  |  September 1, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    2 things i always take, regardless of when/where … even if it’s something as civilized as a cruise.

    1. bandana.

    it’s a placemat, a bag, a headcovering, a washcloth, a tie down, a luggage identifier, a place holder, a strainer, a handkerchief, a napkin, a bandage, a dust mask, smoke protection, you get the idea. (i’ve used mine for all those things, except smoke protection — i actually travel with a smoke hood, believe it or not.)

    2. a small cable lock.

    i bought this once on a whim before heading to africa and can’t believe how incredibly useful it is. TSA approved, it gives you a chance to lock down any bag/item for a short period of time. think: going to the bathroom in an airport, locking down a portable bag in a stateroom, keeping your jeans from being stolen on a clothesline, etc.

    this item falls into my of my two prime rules of travel, namely “you don’t have to make things impossible to steal, just make them harder than the next person’s.” no one is going to fuss with your stuff if they can just go to the next one down.

    (an example is here:

    if i’m in the mood, i copy addresses to printer labels for postcards … that way i don’t have to remember who i’ve written to, and the addresses are already printed out — write the postcard, stick on the sticker and (as they say in england) bob’s your uncle.

    you’re absolutely right about ziplocs, they are a godsend.

  • 2. Maven  |  September 5, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Ziplocks are fabulous for not only compartmentalizing your packing and toiletries, but also for avid sea shell collectors, too. (Oh and pilfering a cookie from the buffet to take back to the room or into port!!)

    If I know the ship I’ll be on has a laundry room, I’ll pack less and bring packets of detergent/dryer sheets.

    I bring a small can of lysol for most surfaces (phone, t.v. remote, sink handles, etc).

    I not only bring a bottle to carry ice and water, but I also bring Crystal Lite drink mix (as most cruise lines have horrid ice tea).

    I also pack snacks for those times when we’re peckish but don’t want to head out to a midnight buffet.

    For any on-board reading, I take along books that I plan on reading once (subtext: not collectibles). Rather than take these home, I donate them to the on-board library. It does lighten the load for packing for home.

    In my first aid kit, I pack: ibuprofen, rolaids, immodium, acidophilus, fiber capsules, bug bite remedy, bandaids, sunblock, white vinegar in a spray bottle (great for neutralizing sunburns).

    I love the idea of an over door organizer for toiletries. I need to shop for one now! Great idea. Great for keeping all the little things off those precious few horizontal surfaces (I actually hate the clutter in such a small place as a cruise ship cabin).

  • 3. b1-66er  |  September 6, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    forgot my favorite (and strangest) travel accessory …

    if i’m traveling on the land for an extended period of time and have a fair amount of room (car, bus, ship), i take a large watertight bucket and soap. i actually do my laundry on the move.

    put in water, soap and clothes, head along to where ever. half way, dump the water and re-fill for a rinse cycle. clothes get unbelievably clean (one girlfriend swore clothes were cleaner this way than regular wash and INSISTED we do car laundry on all trips of length).

    i did this on 5,000 miles by train through canada, 2000 miles by landrover through morocco. clean clothes the whole way. (in fact in africa we hung them in the interior of the land rover to dry … actually kept the car cooler.)

    i might take a cruise from FL to CA after AYCJ … if i do, you better believe my bucket will be with me …

    oh and before you just write me off as a total nutjob, it’s not my idea … i read about steinbeck doing it in “travels with charlie” and thought “that’s brilliant.”

    it is.


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