JetBlue Tour: About the budget (#AYCJ)

August 31, 2009 at 4:17 pm Leave a comment

How in the world am I going to visit 11 cities in 23 days on a budget of just $400?  I’ll be depending on the kindness of friends! 

A place to rest my head:  I’ll be sleeping in the homes of friends in each of the 11 cities.  I am hugely opposed to imposing on people, so how did I pull this off without terribly offending my sensibilities regard etiquette?  First of all, a bunch of my online friends volunteered to host me without being asked, so that was super nice.  A few of them have even offered to let me do a little laundry too.  Isn’t that awesome?  Anyway, we’ve been chatting about visiting each other for YEARS – saying whoever won the lottery would try to go see everyone.  So this JetBlue pass is my winning lottery ticket.  🙂  Besides, they all know I would/will return the favor in an instant.  As for the four in-real-life friends I’ll be staying with, I asked in such a way that they could say no without feeling the slightest bit guilty.  Besides, I swap visits with three of those friends on a regular basis, so these visits aren’t particularly unusual.

Transportation: My biggest break is that I only have to worry about transportation to/from the airports in a few cases since my friends have kindly offered to schlep me around in most places.  Do I have awesome friends or what?

Food, glorious food:  I can definitely eat cheaply when I’m out and about – good thing I love McDonalds!  And pizza.  lol  I’ll also be carrying cereal and granola bars around for whem I’m out of funds for the day or I know I need to save that day’s funds for the evening or transportation.  That said, I totally wouldn’t turn down offers of free meals from restaurants who’d like a review…  *HINT HINT*

To my hosting friends, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR MAKING THIS SO MUCH AWESOME!!!  I can’t wait to see you.


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