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If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably fairly well “plugged in.”  You probably use the Internet to keep in touch with people everyday – from blogging and tweeting to posting pics on Facebook.  There’s a bit of a risk in allowing the general public to know what you’re up to, especially if you affiliate your real name with your blog/Twitter/public Facebook page – some crazy person might become obsessed with you and start hanging out at your local Starbucks to catch a glimpse of you or figure out where you live and drive by.  An even bigger risk is letting people know when you’ll be away from home for more than 8 hours.  If there are thieves in your area who’ve been able to put together your online persona with your real life, they might figure out you’re gone and decide that your vacation is the perfect time to break into your home and steal all your valuables (and possibly let your cats out!).

What to do?  Well, I’m afraid that a long break in blogging/tweeting would be almost as obvious as flat out posting that I’m gone.  For my blog, I schedule several posts in advance of my trips, so no one is the wiser as to whether I’m posting about North Carolina restaurants while in Germany or sitting in front of my tv.  Heck, I could be in Russia as you are reading this!  (Don’t try to come break in my house – I’m still here whether you think I am or not.  😉  I also plan to tweet a few times while I’m gone – things that seem as though I’m still home.  For example, when we went to Europe in May, I took a picture of my roses right before we left, and I tweeted that while enjoying a beer in Prague.  While in Germany, I posted a picture of a guy in a very odd pair of jeans, but you couldn’t tell where we were.  I do keep my Facebook page private, so I will post status updates and pictures there while we’re gone, because people I actually know won’t be breaking into my house.  They know better than to think we have anything they want.  lol

I hope these tips have been useful and that those of you who are active bloggers/tweeters will take my recommendations to heart.  I want your pets and valuables to be safe and you to actually enjoy coming home.

TTT: Travel Trip Tuesday


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