TTT: Avoiding weight gain on your next cruise

June 23, 2009 at 8:10 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been on three heavily-researched cruises, so, while not yet an expert, I do believe I have some good tips for avoiding weight gain on your next cruise:

  1. Lose a little weight before your cruise; ideally you’ll be a couple pounds under your ideal weight.  It seems to me that this gets your metabolism going so it’ll better handle the extra calories you’ll inevitably consume.  You’ll also likely get in better shape in order to do this, which is great cuz you’ll have more energy to enjoy the ports.
  2. Take the stairs!  You don’t want to waste time waiting on elevators anyway.  Speaking of stairs…
  3. Choose a cabin on a lower level.  This will help you with climbing more stairs.  And don’t feel to gipped because you’ll have fewer levels to go down to get off the ship.
  4. On every at sea day, and maybe some of the port days, make sure you exercise.  Run/walk laps around the track, take a yoga class, use the elliptical in the fitness center – whatever.
  5. Try not to eat everything in sight.  Yes, you can order multiple entrees and every single course, but… that doesn’t mean you have to eat every bite of everything you order.  It also means you don’t have to eat more than a bite of anything you don’t love.
  6. Sign up for the second seating for dinner so that…
  7. When you go to one of those midnight buffets, you must look but don’t touch.  It’s unlikely you’ll be hungry for more food at that point anyway.
  8. If you visit a buffet, start with a little and go back for more if and only if you are still hungry.
  9. Go easy on the drinks.  They’re expensive and full of empty calories.

All of this said, try not to stress too much about it while you’re on your cruise.  The point is to have a good time!

Image from the Muskopf website.

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