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TTT: You can’t have it all

Today I attended a women’s leadership seminar, and one of the things the panel members said they wished they’d known when they first started out was that they couldn’t have it all. I think that applies for travel as well. When planning your next trip, there will come a time when you realize you can’t do everything you’d like during your trip. The thing to do is to prioritize and not overextend yourself. Trust me – you’ll have a better time if you’re not worked up about missing out.

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Humanitourism – helping cats and dogs in Greece

National Geographic Traveler’s blog just featured a trip I’d love to take: a trip to Greece to help out with their animal welfare crisis.  Apparently the SPCA is more special than I thought – Greece doesn’t have anything like it.  That means that there aren’t as many shelters as there are here, and there isn’t a go-to source for spaying and neutering.  As you’ve seen from my brief visit to a few spots in Greece, there really are cats everywhere, so this is absolutely a real issue.

Mykonos Greece catCorfu Greece Paleokastritsa monastery cat


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Passport Day, March 28, 2009

Tomorrow is Passport Day.  What does this mean?

Regional Passport Agencies and local Passport Acceptance Facilities will open their doors to the public on March 28, 2009. This is your chance to apply for a U.S. Passport Book or U.S. Passport Card during special weekend hours! (State Dept.)

Why are they doing this?  Because June 1, 2009 is coming soon.  Beginning that day, US citizens must must must have a valid passport or passport card to enter the US from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

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Destination: Venice

Venice was a dream.  Have you been?  If not, put it on your list and start working towards it.  If so, are you longing to go back?  Although it was rainy and chilly for our visit, I loved it.  It was just beautiful.  The water looked as fake as I expected.



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TTT: Moneysaving tips

Hilary Nangle at Tripso provides some great moneysaving tips for your next trip.  My favorites:

Rent a house, cottage or condo. I’ve used both HomeAway and local rental companies with good results. Just be sure to check for any add-on fees, such as cleaning, before signing.

For cheap eats, visit supermarket salad and prepared-foods bars.

Take advantage of early-bird dining specials, two-for-one promos and discounts or coupons available online or in local newspapers.

Instead of going out for dinner, opt for lunch instead.

TTT: Travel Tip Tuesday

Image from Cheap Travel Guide.

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Re-post from VarmintBites: Man v. Food

Yesterday, VarmintBites wrote this:

The Man v. Food episode filmed in the Triangle in January will be airing tomorrow night on The Travel Channel.  In this episode, host Adam Richman eats some Time Out chicken biscuits, whole-hog barbecue from The Pit, and then tackles a hot dog eating challenge at The Roast Grill.

The episode will be broadcast at 10 PM tomorrow, March 18.

Set your DVRs/TIVOs tonight to catch it!

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TTT: Hulu

Have you seen the ads for featuring Faith (aka Eliza Dushku)?  Love them!  Anyway, on to the point.  A friend of mine recently suggested that another friend check out while planning and prepping for her trip.  Brilliant!  So that’s my travel tip to you this week. 


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