NC Eatin’: Randolph County

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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Carolina’s Diner
10102-W South Main Street
Archdale, NC 27263

My husband and I went down to Sparkle City for Labor Day weekend to visit some friends, and I planned a stop at Carolina’s Diner for brunch along the way.  Technically it’s a chain since it has multiple locations, but, with just four locations all within a 50 mile radius, it definitely counts as a local establishment.

I planned this one in advance, so I knew exactly where to go.  We rolled off of I-85 on our way to South Carolina just a few miles past the Randolph County sign.  I’d had to make double sure (on Mapquest) that this diner was in Randolph County since Archdale is in both Randolph and Guilford Counties and I’ve already visited Guilford County.

Archdale is pretty neat both because of its county duality and because of its history.  “Archdale, previously known as Bush Hill, first began as a predominantly Quaker settlement and received the name Archdale as a tribute to John Archdale, an early Quaker governor. It was incorporated in July 1969 under the leadership of then Mayor Henry York, Sr.”  (Wiki)  Neat, huh?  According to the county’s visitor website, it also seems like a fun place to visit.  You can check out alpacas, see a working orchid farm, or even do a zipline canopy tour.  The Zimmerman Vineyards and Pisgah Covered Bridge also seem like excellent places to visit.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the diner – whether it would be a locals place that would give us a feel for the town or whether it drew people just passing through like we were.  The menu of the diner assured us we were likely surrounded by locals.  There was something about “point values” associated with each dish on the menu.  Our first thought was that these were Weight Watcher points, and we were amazed.  We kept reading and learned that they have a frequent diner program.  Isn’t that cute?  The menu also carried an important warning – they do not guarantee the tenderness of steaks ordered well done.  Very smart.

On to the food!  I adore chocolate chip waffles, so I had to try out theirs.  My husband ordered pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon.  We both loved the bacon.  We would have enjoyed our carbs, but the syrup was just not to our liking.  I admit that I’m picky; I only really like real maple syrup.  I’ve gotten used to the syrup used at Waffle House, so I can enjoy a chocolate chip waffle there.  Carolina’s Diner just has different syrup.  In my defense, my husband didn’t care for it either, and I don’t think he’s very picky.  Oh!  I also got a biscuit, and it was amazing.

My recommendation about Carolina’s Diner: If you’re in the area and craving diner food, definitely consider checking it out.  If you’re fussy about syrup, skip ordering anything that requires it.  The other food we had was very good.  Also, keep in mind that the diner is open 24 hours per day (with a short closing on Sunday night).


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