Richmond – take two (aka food, glorious food)

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As I said, I’m back in Richmond.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity – some cool training, some not so cool training, lots of bonding, and really great people.  Yes, I’m enjoying the new job.  It’s wild.  I’ve gotten to eat a lot this week.  I’m seriously stuffed.  I’ve also stumbled upon a few fun drinking spots.  Yeah, it’s that kind of group.  Holla!

Tuesday lunch: We had lunch here at the Omni.  It was fine.  Boring but fine.  The cool part was we were taught dining etiquette by Michele Pollardd Patrick from National Protocol LTD.  We were prepared to be bored and irritated, but it turned out to be fun and interesting.  I’m super self-conscious about my eating habits now though!  Anyway, I’d highly recommend her class. 

Tuesday dinner: This was catered at the CEO’s house.  A good time was had by all.

Wednesday lunch: We ate at the Omni again.  *yawn*  I really thought they were bringing out the same thing we’d had the day before.  It turned out to be a slight variation.

Wednesday dinner: We grabbed a drink at Tobacco Co. first.  I had a Hawaiian lager there, dunno what the name was.  I’d recommend it though.  *blush*  Next up was dinner at Millie’s Diner.  It’s a cool, eclectic place – worthy of Asheville.  I finally got to try hangar steak, rare of course.  That was pretty good.  I tried an Old Speckled Hen as well, which I didn’t care too much for; it was too flat.  Finally, we headed to Sine, an Irish pub, for a bit more fun.  I enjoyed (finally – I kept waiting to find this on draft) an Imperial Brown Ale from Legends Brewery, a Richmond brewery.

Thursday lunch: Oh boy – we have been in for a day of eating today.  We went to Morton’s for lunch.  They’re not actually open for lunch; we’re special.  We had a set menu.  I had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, dunno from whence it came (you loved that, didn’t you?), but it went perfectly with my filet (rare again – I’m sharing the temp of my steak for my bff Ami, the one who talked me down from medium).  The mashed potatoes were good, but the broccoli was scary (HUGE!).  Also, i was not a fan of the chopped salad – way too much dressing imo.  The “worst” part was the cheesecake – it was so good that I ate almost all of it.  Ugh!  After the yummy steak, I did NOT need cheesecake too.

Thursday dinner: Tonight we went to Julep’s, which serves new Southern cuisine.  The atmosphere is nice, good for a date or a business meal.  The salad was lovely – Maytag blue cheese is definitely some of my favorite mold ever and the CORNBREAD CROUTONS were awesome.  Our menu was not what’s on the website; I think they change it.  I had chicken, which was tender but a bit salty, over yummy cream corn and nice mashed potatoes.  Then I had chocolate cake for dessert.  I felt pretty disgusting by that point, so I’m not sure I could fully appreciate it.  It seemed fine but not stupendous – perhaps because I was so full?  The cobbler looked and smelled divine, but I’m not a rhubarb fan.  We dropped by Havana 59 for drinks.  It looked cool – awesome, laidback atmosphere – and supposedly had awesome mojitos, but I couldn’t take the cigar smoke.  Bummer.

Now I’m back at the Omni and getting settled in to sleep.  I still can’t tell you about the pool and fitness center.  My roommate seems to be getting along fine with the fitness center though.  It must be nice to have an uninjured back.  It must also be nice to be an awesome runner…  I wouldn’t know, though.  Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings.  More to come about recent visits to Charlotte and Las Vegas soon; I just needed to get this out before I forgot.  Home tomorrow to my goofy cats and sweet husband.  I’ll miss this week, but I’m looking forward to getting back to them.

Image, Virginia State Capital Building, from Omni.


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