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This is not entirely travel related, but, if you want a good laugh, check out NotAlwaysRight.comHere is one story about passing through airport security, just to give you a taste of what the website’s content is like:

(While passing through airport security, a passenger’s bag needs to be pulled because the x-ray operator sees an obvious big bottle of water when the limit is 3.4 oz.)
Me: “Whose bag is this?”
Passenger: “Oh! Oh! Oohhh! It’s mine! Is there something wrong?”
Me: “I just need to take a quick look inside, ma’am. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.”
Passenger: “Well, hurry. I think they’re boarding my plane.”
(I open her bag and find the bottle almost immediately. She gasps as I pull it out.)
Me: “Ma’am, I’m afraid you cannot have this beyond this point.”
Passenger: “Why not? I just bought it, and it’s unopened!”
Me: “Ma’am, the rules clearly state that you cannot have any liquids over 3.4 oz in your carry on. If you’d like to, you could–”
Passenger: “But that’s not a liquid!”
Me: “Excuse me, ma’am?”
Passenger: “It’s not a liquid! It’s water! W-A-T-E-R! You know, H-2-O? For the love of God, don’t they hire anyone with more than a grade school education for security?”

For other travel related gems, click herehere, here, here, and here.


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