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Flyin’ news: ads on your boarding passes

The airline industry has been griping a lot lately about how they’re losing money.  If you’ve flown on  US Air flight in the past couple years, you know they sell advertising space on their tray tables.  Today Delta launches a new way to collect revenue – advertisements on boarding passes.  That’s right – when you check in online and print your boarding pass, you’ll be using your ink to print out a bunch of ads.  The good news:  it’s not fully implemented yet, there’s a box to check to avoid printing the ads (but you’ll still see them on your computer screen), and only some other airlines (Continental, United, Northwest, and US Air) are getting on this bandwagon.  Get the full story at the Wall Street Journal.

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TTT: RCCL’s Wine and Dine

As I’m still fairly fresh off the Splendour of the Seas (see my review here), my travel tip this Tuesday relates to those of you planning your own Royal Caribbean cruise.  If you like wine, check out their Wine and Dine program.  They have three levels of wines – gold, platinum, and diamond.  Each package offers a variety of sparkling, white, and red wines with the options depending on which package you choose.  You can sign up for 5, 7, 10, and 12 bottle packages ranging from $129.95 to $378.35.  Although it might seem expensive at first, the packages do provide a bit of a discount over ordering bottle by bottle.  Check out woof22‘s savings analysis.


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