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April 16, 2008 at 11:16 am 1 comment

One of my visitors directed me to  The fellow who started the website enjoyed the Guinness Book’s Most Traveled category and was disappointed when Guinness abandoned the category in 2000.  When the Traveler’s Centurty Club declined to take over the responsibility of judging the Most Traveled Person, the founder of MTP decided to take it on himself. 

MTP’s judgment of a visit that counts is a bit different than that of the TCC:

For the purposes of this website, a visit shall be as follows:

  1. Across borders where immigration is regulated, official entry must be made through immigration/passport control.
  2. Across borders where passport control does not exist or is unregulated, such as between states within a country, or between countries under a common border agreement, such as the EU, the traveler must stand with both feet on land fully within those borders. This includes landing on islands. Sailing through territorial waters alone does not count, nor does flying through territorial airspace.
  3. In the case of islands where landing is prohibited by law due to wildlife concerns or other natural heritage status, it is acceptable to touch a portion of the island above the waterline (whether while swimming or from a boat) in lieu of landing.

The Travelers Century Club has the loosest definition of a visit, accepting airplane fuel stops, airport transits, and surreptitious or illegal border crossings.

MTP Standards

I like MTP’s standards better than those of the TCC, but I still really like the TCC goal of visiting 100 countries.  I like MTP’s “places,” which includes states and regions within countries.  I think this encourages people to do more than just hop into a country to say they’ve been there.  I still, however, am attached to the idea of the 100 countries goal of the TCC.

You know where I stand on my way to becoming a TCC member (19 countries).  According to MTP’s count, I’ve visted 54 places with 619 remaining.  Do me a favor – go sign up at MTP!

Image from World Travel Maps.


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