Is travel to Cuba in the near future?

February 19, 2008 at 10:25 am Leave a comment

The lead news story this morning is that Fidel Castro has stepped down.  This might just be good news for travellers.  

Images from Agoraphoria and Photos-Voyages.

History: President Kennedy imposed travel restrictions, essentially forbidding US citizens to travel to Cuba, in 1963.  These restrictions lapsed in 1977 under President Carter’s term but were reinstated by President Reagan in 1982.  Beginning in 2003, a united Congress has attempted several times to lift the travel ban but dropped the issue under President Bush’s veto threats.  Now, as a change in administration is imminent in the US and Cuba is under new leadership, there is a possibility that the travel ban may be lift.

Tourism:  Cuba is probably best known for its great cigars.  Regardless of your feelings about cigars, anyone can appreciate Cuba’s beautiful beaches.  As the largest Caribbean island, it has many options.  According to a friend of a friend who spent several weeks in Cuba on a mission trip, tourists are very deliberately shown the best of what the island has to offer and kept away from the depressed areas.  I imagine that their economy will see significant improvement if and when the US travel ban is lifted.

If you don’t mind circumventing the travel ban, it is possible for US citizens to visit Cuba.  This agency even specializes in such travel.


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