Disney World: Day Two, Magic Kingdom

February 7, 2008 at 10:00 pm 2 comments

As we neared the park, I was practically trembling with antici…. SAY IT! SAY IT! …pation.  Magic Kingdom is a place every child that’s heard of it dreams of visiting, and my dream was finally coming true!  It absolutely did not disappoint.

What and Where We Ate
Breakfast – There is nothing like the Main Street Bakery.  Run there as fast as you can.  Order as much as you think you can stand.  Do NOT forget to include the gigantic cinnamon roll.  It’s about half the size of your head.  It may be the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had.  Normally you want one of the first rolls on the pan cuz that means it’s super fresh.  Here, the last roll on the pan is almost as fresh as the first plus you get lots of extra icing – awesome.  Jason and I also shared a blueberry muffin (divine!), apple turnover (very good), and cheese danish (yum yum).


Lunch – Since we were in the area, we headed for Pinocchio Village Haus.  This is right next to It’s a Small World.  I had the chicken fingers with fries.  They were good, but I wished they’d had a kid’s size – too much for me.  Luckily Jason finished them up.  The little pizzas looked pretty good.

Snacks – Ever since we started talking about the trip, I’ve been asking people about getting corn dogs somewhere in the parks.  The closest I could come was corn dog nuggets from Casey’s Corner.  While we were watching the show in front of the castle in the afternoon, Keith surprised me by getting a cup of them for a snack.  They were so tasty!  I would totally have eaten them again.  Our group also enjoyed various ice cream treats from the carts dotting the park.

Dinner – We waited in line FOREVER at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe for dinner right after the fireworks (8 pm).  Seriously – Jason timed it at about 50 minutes in line.  Our friends got through faster in a similar length line, so it’s the luck of the draw with regard to line speed.  Arrg!  I wasn’t terribly hungry since we’d had all those snacks, so I got the kid’s pb&j meal with carrot sticks and apple sauce.  Unfortunately for me, the pb&j was an Uncrustable.  I love bread crust.  Oh well, it was satisfactory and cheaper than anything else I might have had.  The awesome thing about Cosmic Ray’s is that you can sit outside on a patio and see the castle.  It was very relaxing to watch the castle change colors while we ate.

Dessert – Several people told me about Dole Whip at Aloha Isle.  It’s soft serve pineapple ice cream, and, boy, was it good!  If you have room in your belly, the pineapple float looked really good too.

What We Did/Saw
When we first got into the park, we got a couple of lockers (we liked to bring a change of clothes since the weather was so varied – shorts during the day, jeans and a sweatshirt/sweater in case the evening was cool; I also liked having my nice camera in case I had time to drag it out and try to take cool pictures) and met up with Alan’s friend Mary.  Weird coincidence – she’d planned a vacay to Orlando with her mom ages ago that just happened to overlap with our trip.  We were pleased to meet her and have her join us – 5/6 is a great number for a D Dub group. 

Pirates of the Caribbean – This is a classic that’s been updated since the movie came out.  We rode it twice – once first thing after breakfast and once after dinner when the park was closed to those not staying at a Disney resort.  The first ride was fun because we were still marveling at the baby who’d been in line ahead of us – he had the hugest grin I’ve ever seen!  He was extremely adorable.  The second round was fun because we noticed stuff we hadn’t seen the first time – plus the line was non-existent.  While riding the second time, the couple in front of our group said the Pirates ride at Disneyland is a lot longer.  Interesting.  Two tips: (1) If you sit on the left edge of the boat, you might get a tiny splash from the canonballs.  (2) Please tell the other pirates where Jack Sparrow is; it’s hilarious how he’s RIGHT THERE and they can’t see him.  😉

Swiss Family Treehouse – Okay, I haven’t seen the movie, so I guess I missed the point of this one.  I mean, it’s moderately cool but fairly boring.  I did like the wiggly bridge on the way over to the treehouse.

Haunted Mansion – We did this one twice as well.  Alan found a hidden Mickey, which was cool.  The little trick at the end is cute.  Other than that, I thought this one was kind of boring as well.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This, Space Mountain, and the teacups were my fav rides in Magic Kingdom.  I was excited to get to ride it again at night.  If at all possible, try to sit in the last car (you don’t have to be at the very tail end, just the last car).  It’s a lot more fun that way – the front of the train pauses at a couple points but the back doesn’t.  It’s also more fun at night.

Mad Tea Party – This is a ride I’ve been dreaming of since I was pretty little.  It’s adorable AND fun!  Jason, Mary, and I were the only ones brave enough in our group to go for it, and we had a blast.  We turned our teacup sooo fast.  When I was looking up, everything was a pastel blur.

Space Mountain – This is another ride I’ve been hearing about since I was young.  The experts told me that the front seat is the most fun, so they let me sit there the first time we rode.  It was so fun!  After riding the second time in the middle of the seats, I definitely agree that the front is the best.

It’s a Small World – I thought this would be an incredibly annoying ride that I would hate.  Instead, it was really cute!  The figures reminded me of some wooden Christmas ornaments my family used when I was little.  Although the song could get pretty annoying, I probably would have enjoyed riding through a few more times – there’s a lot to see.

Stitch’s Great Escape – This was disgusting!  First, you go through a room where you hear a talk about how you’re going to learn to deal with alien criminals.  You learn that a “level 3” (really bad) is being shipped in, so your group is sent into a room to deal with it.  Pick a chair (it doesn’t matter where you sit), and sit up really tall.  You may even want to catch the shoulder bar as it comes down.  Stitch is transported into a chamber and then escapes.  He’s really annoying.  He bounces on you (catch the shoulder bar – it’s not comfy), giggles in your ear, and BURPS right next to you!  He just ate a chili cheese dog, and his burp smells really nasty.  Eventually he hotwires the system to transport him to wherever he wants to go and leaves.  The little ones were pretty scares, which is sad because I bet most of them loved the movie.  I can’t imagine how scary it must have been before it was Stitch themed!  At least Stitch is cute and the whole thing is meant to be funny.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor – As your standing in line, you can text jokes to the people working the show.  The ones that get chosen are for really little kids.  Jason’s were not chosen – probably too offensive/upsetting (what do you call a blind deer?  no idear.  what do you call a blind deer with no legs?  still no idear.).  Anyway, the show is pretty cute.  The best parts are when they spotlight people.  Be prepared to become part of the show, but don’t worry, unless you’re the dancing person, you just have to sit there.  We actually laughed, though it could’ve been a lot funnier.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic – This is a 3D movie in which Donald chases after Mickey’s hat that allows him to conduct the orchestra.  Apparently we had bad seats for this one.  I was annoyed the whole time because it was really blurry.  Try to get seats in the middle of a row.  It’s pretty cute, and I liked the off-screen stuff.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority – Most people probably think this is pretty lame, but it’s actually neat.  I’d recommend trying to ride this before riding any rides in Tomorrowland.  It’s neat to see them in a different way.  It’s also a very relaxing few minutes.

SpectroMagic Parade – We missed the three o’clock parade, but we got a pretty good spot on the street near the castle for the SpectroMagic Parade.  It was very cute – characters on floats with lots of cool lighting.  I’d recommend catching it, but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time trying to get a really great spot.  We were in place about 5 minutes before it got to us.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular – Neither the parade nor the “spectacular” were as good as IllumiNations, but they were still good.  The fireworks were really nicely done, and it was cool to see Tink fly.  I think the best spot for this would be directly in front of the castle and to the left of the castle (as you’re facing it).  Of course, we watched from directly under Tink’s wire, and it was still pretty neat.

Tip: If you’re staying at a Disney resort, be sure to check whether there are Magic Hours for the days you’re visiting.  Although Magic Kingdom closed at 9 pm for ordinary folks, we were able to stay until midnight!  We rode Space Mountain at about 11:55 and were heading out of the park just after midnight.  It was wonderful!

The rest of the Magic Kingdom pics are here.


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  • 1. lawrence  |  February 8, 2008 at 11:15 am

    God, it’s been a long time since I went to Disneyworld. My little sister’s the only one I know who’s been to 4 out of the 5 – Disneyland, Disneyworld, Paris and Tokyo. I haven’t been since sophomore year of high school, though (marched in a parade!) and it sounds like it’s changed a lot. Glad you had fun!

  • 2. alan  |  February 8, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    What!? Swiss Family tree house was the best ride ever!! I’m totally going to build one.


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