Krispy Kreme Challenge

January 29, 2008 at 1:30 pm 1 comment


The challenge:

  • Run the 2 miles from the NC State bell tower to Krispy Kreme on Peace Street.
  • Eat 1 dozen donuts.
  • Run the 2 miles back to the bell tower.
  • Finish within 1 hour.
    1. Crazy, yes?  Of course!  It’s even crazier when you think about the fact that you’d consume 2,400 calories and expend less than half that in completing the run.  I’d heard about it just prior to last year’s challenge and vowed to do it someday.  I told my brother about it, and he and his girlfriend flew in from Mississippi to join me.

      There were a little over 3,000 participants – more than double the number of last year’s run.  I think it was at least in part because they offered a new category this year for those of us who didn’t even want to think about eating a dozen donuts.  It was a wacky event.  We saw one group who had coordinating t-shirts that displayed the nutritional information for the dozen donuts.  There was a group who ran shirtless with letters painted on their chests (I think they spelled out “Krispy Kreme Challenge”).  There was a small group of girls in ’80s attire.  My favorite group was the NC State ROTC.  They had matching shirts, ran in formation, chanted, jogged in place in formation (and chanted) while waiting for the whole group to finish their donuts, and ran back together.  I can’t imagine the stress of those last few people who were still eating donuts while the other ROTCers were waiting for them.

      We also had some cheerleaders along the way.  There were Raleigh police officers at some intersections, keeping us safe and offering encouragement.  There was a fellow in a window shouting, “This is awesome!  You guys are running and I’m drinking beer!”  My fav cheerleaders was the group of percussionists at one intersection.  Two guys banging on drums and one guy ringing a cow bell.  On our way back, they chanted, “10 more blocks!”  One of the drummers gratefully accepted one participant’s offering of a donut on her way back.

      Enjoy irony?  The winner of the race (Philip Curley, 31:20) concluded his remarks by saying, “Go Heels!”  NC Staters – you need to take your donut eating a bit more seriously.  😉

      My brother actually completed the challenge.  The poor thing took 25 minutes to consume the donuts, but made it back in about 56 minutes (his guess – official results aren’t yet posted).  He thought he was going to lose the donuts, but he managed to keep them down.  His girlfriend ate no donuts and finished in about 44 minutes.  I stopped to take pictures, looked for my parents (they were supposed to come but didn’t), walked more than half the race, ate two donuts (wanted more!), and crossed the finish at 10:01 am (I’m guessing that puts me at 58-60 minutes). 

      Next year, I want to run the whole thing and eat the dozen donuts.  I will have to make sure I’m in better shape so my back and shins don’t bug me.  Hopefully this will become a family tradition.

      More of my pics are available here.


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