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News for Traveling Photographers

The US Department of Transportation just announced new safety rules regarding the transport of rechargeable lithium batteries.  As of January 1, 2008, passengers may not pack spare lithium batteries in their checked baggage (spare = extra; if the batteries are in devices, they’re not spare).  Passengers may pack extras in their carry-on bags.  Apparently this change is due to safety concerns.

Other reminders for those who don’t fly often: When going through airport security, don’t forget to remove your shoes, take your large electronics (laptops, etc.) out of your bag, and place any liquids, gels, or aerosols in a 1 qt or smaller plastic baggie.

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New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

We’re just back from a quick trip to Vegas for New Year’s. I’ll be breaking up the trip into several reports to make it easier on myself. 😉 First up: the main event – New Year’s Eve.

The short story: If you’re going to the Strip for New Year’s Eve, (1) stay on the Strip, (2) don’t expect traffic to stop when they say they’re going to close off the roads, (3) don’t plan to shop past 6 pm, and (4) do some research about which hotels are firing off the fireworks if you want to see them. Now for the whole story.


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