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NC Eatin’: Buncombe County


Thursday & Friday, October 18-19, 2007 
Grove Park Inn
290 Macon Avenue 
Asheville, NC 

When asked where to go in North Carolina, one should always reply, “Asheville, of course!”  At least, that’s what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said.  She’s one smart cookie!  Asheville is, in my opinion, the greatest place on Earth.  Anyone can fit in – there are freaks of all sort, from Republicans (haha – couldn’t resist!) and lawyers to hippies and goths.  The downtown area has undergone a great revitalization and continues to become more and more exciting, with great restaurants, botiques, and art galleries.  And no one should resist the lure of the Blue Ridge Parkway, with countless overlooks and hiking paths.

I had the honor of meeting Justice Ginsburg on Thursday evening at Grove Park Inn and hearing her speak about life and the law on Thursday and Friday.  She was a wonderful speaker.  The most interesting things I learned:  (1) She and JUSTICE SCALIA are great friends; they dine together often and always celebrate New Years Eve together.  (2) Retired Justices Rehnquist and O’Connor DATED while they were in law school together!  P.S. He graduated first in their class at Stanford and she was third.

About the food – it was about what you’d expect for a mass of people at a nice resort.  Thursday evening we had a ceasar salad, chicken and filet, mashed potatoes, and asparagus and carrots.  My filet was probably medium well (I prefer medium rare), but it was surprisingly tender.  Everything else was fine.  For lunch on Friday, we (non-vegetarians) had chicken with some sort of seasoning and sauce, risotto, and a little salad.  Not bad.  I liked the lunch dessert, berries and ice cream, better than what I’d gotten from the dessert buffet the night before.  I very much enjoyed the company during both meals.  I had dinner with 9 strangers, including a very sweet mom.  I had lunch with several strangers and the father of one of my best friends in middle school.  I couldn’t take a picture at either meal without a lot of strange looks, so I offer a picture with Justice Ginsburg (I think the photographer took too long to snap the picture, so she was turning back to talk to some other people) and…

Since my brother brought his smokin’ hot new girlfriend into town for the weekend, we all went over to Grove Park for drinks in the afternoon.  (If you care, the cosmo was good, and they have Blue Moon on draft.)  This is how I recommend enjoying Grove Park – sitting on the patio, enjoying the view of Asheville and the surrounding mountains.  It’s really one of the best views in Asheville.


P.S. If you’re disappointed that I didn’t get to go to one of Asheville’s great restaurants or dives, don’t worry – I’ll be going back and will post again!

P.P.S. MSNBC has a cute article about the Parkway.  The NY Times recently did a bit on Asheville.  They even have a slideshow, spotlighting one of my fav places – the Old Europe Bistro.

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