Xanadu (NYC v.6.1, 8/18-19/07)

October 15, 2007 at 10:53 am 1 comment

Last night I had a dream.  I found myself in a desert place called Cyberland XANADU.  Actually, I just watched the movie for the first time.  I couldn’t believe my own eyes.  That really may have been the worst movie ever.  And not in a good way like “Euro Trip.”  The plot line was bizarre: muse comes to Earth through mural on a building and inspires starving artist to help her ex (from 40 years earlier) open a roller disco.  Huh?  Oh yeah, and they go around on roller skates a lot.  My “favorite” parts were the special effects – the muses would occasionally glow like neon and then rocket off into the air.  That, combined with the transition effects, made me feel like I know what an acid trip is like.  Oh, and I’m still not sure what the deal was with Olivia Newton John’s accent.  Or why the lead guy wore that particular outfit to go ask Zeus for his daughter.  Or why Gene Kelly agreed to be in the movie at all.

You’re wondering why I’m writing a movie review on my travel blog.  Come on, didn’t you know?  “Xanadu” is now a Broadway musical.  No joke.  I met my friend Robert for a whirlwind trip to New York back in mid-August.  The main point of the trip was to see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp back in “Rent” and to catch the “Buffy” musical episode on the big screen.  We managed to get tickets to the Sunday matinee of “Xanadu” before we left.  Robert was lucky – he’d seen the movie before, so he knew we were in for something truly bizarre and possibly awful.  I was clueless but intrigued by the idea of a musical based on a bomb of a movie.  As bad as the movie was, the musical was awesome.  Yes, deliberately bad awesome in that “Euro Trip” way.  They’ve done a bit more with the plot, giving Kira’s muse sisters actual roles instead of just flying neon, and they’ve changed the language so that the whole thing is quirky and fun.  They included lots of quips directed at the movie – mentioning how odd it was that the muse randomly had an Australian accent and addressing the magic of roller skates.  Kerry Butler and the rest of the cast were hilarious; I loved the bits poking fun at musical theatre; and I couldn’t stop laughing when they said 1980 was the year “all inspiration left the arts.”  As much as I was appalled by the movie last night, I really would recommend catching the show on Broadway.  Just don’t demand too much of it.  Remember the movie it’s based on – and keep in mind that it was originally to be an off-Broadway show.  If you can’t catch it on Broadway, don’t fret!  They’re talking about taking it to London and on tour.

Are you wondering about the rest of my New York weekend?  You should be!  More to come.


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NC Eatin’: Dare County NYC v.6.2 (8/18-19/07)

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