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NC Eatin’: Currituck County


Saturday, October 6, 2007
520 Old Stoney Road
Corolla, NC

On Saturday evening, I told everyone else in our beach gang that I’d be happy to go wherever.  They decided to stick around Corolla.  Despite the huge number of gorgeous houses in this little community (it’s not even a town!), there are only about 500 permanent residents.  Corolla’s big claim to fame is the wild mustangs that run around north of the populated areas.  Corolla also has a lighthouse.  Funny – I’ve never been there.  I’ll have to make an effort to do that next time.

The group selected GiGi’s, an upscale Italian place.  Based on the appearance of the restaurant and the menu, I expected a pretty nice meal.  One website even claims GiGi’s is a five star experience.  Our group was definitely disappointed.  The ambiance was nice and the service was good, but the food was only okay.  The bread and oil was fine.  I ordered the meatless lasagna.  I was surprised at how bland it was, even after I liberally covered it with crushed red pepper.  My husband’s chicken parmesan was better, but it still wasn’t of high enough quality to charge $26.  Despite my warnings that it could not compete with my mom’s recipe, Jason insisted on ordering the tiramisu ($11!).  Again, it was okay.  I really dislike the type of tiramisu that’s overloaded with espresso or that has too much liquid, but this was the exact opposite.  There was barely any flavor at all!  Based on a nearby table, I have to assume the cheesecake is a better option.  The family of four asked if it would be possible for them to order an entire cheesecake when they come out for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

GiGi’s – and Corolla – is primarily a tourist destination.  Word on the ‘net is that you may need reservations during high season.  We were one of 5 tables during the hour and a half we were there, so obviously no reservations are necessary in October.  Next time I want to eat out in Corolla, I’ll try the highly recommended Blue Point.

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