NC Eatin’: Nash County

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Friday, October 5, 2007
Town & Country
323 W Washington Street
Nashville, NC

On our way to the beach on Friday night, we needed some gas.  We stopped in Nashville, the county seat for Nash County.  Nashville is really small – just over 4,000 in 2000.  I’m sorry we didn’t get to explore it more.  Apparently it has quite the collection of Victorian and Queen Anne style homes.  Now that I know that, I’ll probably stop there again.

Since I was forcing Jason and Alan to eat somewhere strange, I let them choose where we would eat.  There were two places in sight – a pizza place and a restaurant promising country cooking.  We’d discussed going a different route to stop in Johnston County for fried chicken, so I think Jason had chicken on the brain.  He chose the country cooking place, Town & Country.

The exterior of the restaurant showed us clearly what to expect.  They had one of those funny old-style signs with the lighted arrow, and the blinds were yellowed from age and use.  The other reason for the yellowed blinds became more apparent when we walked in.  Like the place I visited in Clinton, Town & Country is an all-smoking joint.  Arrg.  We ended up sitting smack dab in the middle of a couple of tables of smokers too.  They looked like regular, nice families, but not the type of families you see around Cary – more blue collar.  The kids were all well behaved; I just wish the adults wouldn’t have smoked.

Although there weren’t many people in the restaurant, they were eating hard – most were there for the $10.95 all you can eat seafood buffet.  None of us are seafood lovers, so we ordered from the menu.  I ordered half of a fried chicken with real mashed potatoes and applesauce; Jason got barbecue chicken with mashed potatoes and applesauce; and Alan asked for country fried steak with mashed potatoes and navy beans.  We also got a big basket of hush puppies and biscuits.  Our chicken was good; the applesauce was tasty and non-metallic; the mashed potatoes were lumpy and would’ve been good had they been warm; the country fried steak was apparently over-cooked and tough; the biscuits were huge and very tasty with honey; the hush puppies weren’t bad.

After I finished my second huge biscuit, I had to wash my hands to get the honey off.  They had several very strong deodorizers in the teeny bathroom.  It was such a strong smell that I very nearly lost my dinner!  Ack!  Apparently the men’s bathroom had the same problem.  Until that point, I would have said that I wouldn’t deliberately eat there again but I wouldn’t avoid it either.  I changed my mind.  I would definitely avoid the place from fear of the stinky bathroom.  I would, however, be interested in seeing more of Nash County.



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