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I got to go to the beach this weekend with my husband and 3 of our friends.  What a time we had!  I feel so fortunate to be friends with people who own a beach house.  🙂 

We all drove up to Corolla on Friday night, stopping in Nash County for dinner.  We got there pretty late, but we hung out a bit anyway.  The others stayed up much later, but I wanted to get a decent sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30 am.  Arrg.  Oh well.  I hopped up and went for a walk on the beach.  The air was thick, but the beach was lovely.  Crashing waves, sand crabs, sea gulls, and other birds.  Actually, I was surprised how noisy it was!  I had to turn up my iPod pretty loud so I could hear my study CD over the waves.  When I got back to the house around 8:15, I was still the only one awake.  I hopped in the car to Harris Teeter for breakfast and cake supplies.  When I returned, everyone else was up and around.  I made filled pancakes (unsuccessful recipe – the jelly leaked out!), which were alright.  The others then went for their walk on the beach while I baked a cake and started studying.

Studying – yes, that’s why I went to the beach.  One of our friends is studying for her PE.  She’s much more diligent than I am, so I knew I’d study more around her than if I stayed at home.  Jason and Alan ran to the store for lunch supplies and then cooked (mm… dang quesadillas).  After lunch, the guys went to fly their kites while the girls continued studying away.

After they returned, they selected a place for dinner and we set out.  Currituck County – check!  We came back to the house, poured up some champagne and wine, and watched “Eragon.”  I didn’t especially enjoy the movie – except for the credits.  The music was “Keep Holding On,” which really ought to be “Keith All Day Long.”  haha  Yeah, Keith, Tara, and Alan screamed the whole song.  It was *so* Keith.  Hilarious!  We played some awesome dominoes.  The first round was especially awesome.  We were supposed to draw 12 tiles.  I think I drew, like, 20.  hahaha  Oops.  Jason and I went to bed “early,” and the others went hot tubbin’.

Jason and Alan made breakfast on Sunday morning.  I studied a bit more and we watched some “Firefly” (love!).  Jason and I walked on the beach and flew his kite.  I liked flying the kite, but I would get bored and try to sweep it close to the ground – and crash it.  Jason wasn’t a fan of my flying.  heehee  When we came back, we cleaned up, packed up, and headed out.  On our way home, we stopped in Duck (Dare County) for a super late lunch.  Then drove and drove and drove back home.

I have two favorite things about the beach: I love looking at the pretty beach houses, especially in Duck and Corolla and in between.  I find a new favorite every trip.  I also love getting away from the responsibility of our house.  I feel no guilt in sitting around watching a tv show instead of organizing a closet.

It was a short weekend, but I got some good studying done (thanks, Tara!) and I had some fun too.  Posts about the counties are coming soon.

Pics are here.


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