Arrival in Barclubona

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Yeah, that’s right – it’s BAR-CLUB-ONA, not Barcelona.  Heehee  I think my fav vacation I’ve ever had was the second week of August in 2004.  This was the second half of my big Europe trip.  I spent the first full week with my husband, best friend Ami, and Ami’s husband Scott in Rome and Paris (more on that some other time).  Then I flew to Barcelona to meet my best friend Megan (yes, I have more than one best friend!).

I was nervous when I arrived.  The airport was HUGE.  Okay, the ceilings were super tall and the bathroom stalls were downright spacious.  I’m sure they’d re-vamped the whole thing for the Olympics back in 1992.  Anyway, I was all by myself in a foreign country where they spoke Spanish, a language in which I know how to say “two cats,” “hello,” “how are you,” “okay,” “very good,” “yes,” “no,” “I don’t speak Spanish,” and “do you speak English.”  I telephoned the owner of our flat, and, after a few tries, finally reached him.  He told me where to meet Megan – take the bus to the center of town and wait for her there.

I found the bus without any trouble.  As we were driving into the city, I was even more nervous!  This wasn’t like any city I’d been to before.  The buildings were low and run-down looking.  Everything looked sort of dusty and battered.  All the while I’m wondering, “What the heck are we doing wasting our time here?”  Finally, we reached the main square, Placa Catalunya, and my fears lessened.  It was so pretty!  There were fountains, pretty buildings, and a Hard Rock Café.  Megan got there not long after, and I was thrilled to see her.  She led me to the subway, which we took to Barceloneta.

Barceloneta is the area near the marina and the beach.  Megan had found a little flat for us for the week.  It was very cute – wicker furniture, pretty tile floors, a tiny but functional kitchen, and a machine that acted as both a washer and dryer.  We were most grateful for the air conditioner!  It also turned out that our flat was the perfect spot for us; we visited the beach and the nearby clubs almost every single day.

More to come…


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